Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Stakeholders pose for a photo

Kasese district stake holders agreed upon embarking on positive parenting if they are to realize the efforts of fighting violence against children in the community. This was pointed out during a one day district convention in Kasese district on 7th October 2016. Regardless of the many existing laws concerning the rights of children and their upbringing, violence against children in all its forms has continued to prevail in the society leaving the children at the centre stage of vulnerability.
women representatives at the convention
To seek support from the district leaders therefore, a district convention aimed at sharing issues with district leaders and members of the community, suggesting measures on prevention of VAC in the district and region, to document and develop action plan for prevention of VAC and child protection in the region was held among which the district leadership, head teachers and their teachers, representatives of CBOS, children from different schools, women representatives among others who agreed and signed upon helping the children realize their strength with love and respect, sanitation in schools should be considered, enforce the policies on childrens’ rights, formation of children protection committees at village level, owning the project for sustainability and  include guidance and counseling on the school curriculum.
LCV chairman giving remarks
The chairperson LCV Mr. Sibendire Bigogo Geofrey as the chief guest called upon the people of Kasese to avoid violence against children because it dehumanizes them. He further said, children who come from violent homes also live violent lives in their adulthood. Bigogo said most children do not freely express themselves because of the torture they face from the community in the name of correcting them both at school and home. He sounded a warning to everybody who mistreats a child and condemned violence in all its forms.