Monday, March 14, 2016


CDO kitholhu sub-county discussing legal issues
In a bid to fully equip teachers with knowledge on prevention of violence against children in schools and the community, RIC-NET has conducted  2 trainings  for 40 primary school teachers drawn from  Karambi Kamasasa, Kyabikere and Kanyatsi primary schools from Karambi and Kitholhu sub counties .
one of the facilitators, the Community Development Officer (CDO) Kitholhu sub-county Mr. Mukokoma Bwambale Paul satisfactorily discussed the legal issues in line with violence against children.
The various laws that condemn violence against children were discussed and practical implication outlined.
Teachers attending the training
He related these laws to  prevailing situations in schools and community and later gave ways on how to participate and  prevent /eradicate the already existing cases of violence against children.

Among other high-lighted cases were sexual harassment that includes; bad touches, rape, defilement exposure to pornography and commercial sex, child sacrifice, trafficking and kidnapping, child labour, bullying and abusive words . Denying the pupils to indulge in the school decision making among others were cited out in community and school setting respectively.
Preventive measures were suggested such as: avoiding corporal punishments in schools, sensitization on the law and policies governing children’s upbringing, avoidance of vulgar language,  sensitization of children on their rights, guidance and counseling,andteacher-pupil friendly environment at school. 
The trained teachers promised to work hand in hand with RWECO to create a  violence  free environment for children in Kasese district.